Kay Unger Cocktail Dress

The Garment:A tan 2-pc. cocktail dress with a shiny gold surface finish all over. The fabric is an acrylic & nylon blend. The care label states to, “Dry Clean Only”. There are no International cleanability care symbols.

The Problem:After drycleaning the dress the gold pigment surface finish dissolved resulting in objectionable fading and severe loss of the shiny gold effect. Further testing on an original sample shows that the finish can begin to dissolve and come off in any drycleaning solution. Also, there are risks involved in attempting to wet clean this fashion. There is no completely safe method of repeated care.

Who’s Responsible?The manufacturer, since this dress is labeled as drycleanable with no other stipulations and thus must be able to withstand all accepted professional cleaning processes without damage.

Brand Name: Kay Unger
RN#: 92432
Phoebe Company
Importer, Wholesaler, Manufacturing
230 W. 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Ph. 212-302-5556 or 877-212-8450

What To Do: This dress should be returned to the place of purchase or contact the manufacturer.