Kate Spade & Company Skirt

The Garment:A black cotton skirt with white irregular geometric print design. The care label simply reads, “Dry Clean-Remove belt”. There are no International cleanability care symbols.

The Problem:After professional drycleaning the white print is fading out in many areas resulting in an objectionable appearance. In this case, further testing on a seam allowance that had remaining white pigment print reveals that the design will begin to soften and fade in any drycleaning solvent. Therefore, this skirt will change appearance in repeated routine drycleaning by any method.

Who’s Responsible?The manufacturer, since this skirt is labeled as drycleanable, but is not able to withstand all the accepted professional cleaning processes without risk of design fading.

Brand Name: Kate Spade & Company
5901 Westside Ave.
North Bergen, NJ 07047
Ph. 1-866-999-5283
Email: customer_care@katespade.com

What To Do: This skirt should be returned to the place of purchase or manufacturer.