Guess Polyester Dress


The Garment:A ladies black polyester dress with a lace upper section made of nylon & spandex. The care label states: “dryclean” with no International code symbols.

The Problem:During professional drycleaning the spandex stretch yarns in the lace areas were damaged and are now protruding through the fabric. The lace trim now appears “stringy” with the spandex yarns sticking out in many places.

Who’s Responsible?The manufacturer since the spandex elastic yarns used in this dress were not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without damage.

Guess Los Angeles
Importer, Wholesaler, Manufacturing
1444 South Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Ph. 1-877-444-8377

What To Do: This dress should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.