Calvin Klein Ladies Jacket

Unfortunately, due to poor manufacturing of some garmets, they do not withstand the dry cleaning process well. It is crucial for the consumer to be aware of these problem pieces and if possible, refrain from purchasing them or hand wash them. Be advised that these items will say “dry clean only” on their tags, but they have been idenified as problematic due to a manufacturers defect.

This area will be regularily updated, so please check back frequently to see the latest issues to be aware of.

The garment:  A black ladies zipper pocket blazer made of polyester, rayon & spandex. There are black synthetic leather (polyurethane) trim panels at the shoulders. The care label simply reads, “Dry Clean.” There are no International Cleanability Code care symbols.

The problem:  After professional drycleaning the bonding agent used to adhere the urethane film to the base fabric partially dissolved causing the urethane surface film to separate, blister and peel.

Who’s responsible?  The manufacturer, since this jacket is labeled as drycleanable and thus must be able to withstand the recommended professional cleaning process without damage to any component.

What to do:  This jacket should be returned to the place of purchase or contact the manufacturer.

Brand Name: Calvin Klein
RN#: 54163
G-III Apparel Group Ltd.
Importer, Manufacturing/Wholesaler
512 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Ph. 1-866-513-0513