A Little Bit About Our History…

Family owned and operated, Nick’s Cleaner has been continuously operating at 483 East Main Street in Welland, Ontario since 1952, making us the oldest dry cleaning plant in Niagara. We are very proud of our 65 years of service and know that owe our many years of success to our loyal customers and dedicated long-term employees. Without either group, we never would be able to stay in business for this many years. In an industry known for its high employee turnover we have been very fortunate to retain many long term employees, some who have over 40 years experience in the dry cleaning business. This very low rate of employee turnover has allowed us to provide our customers with the most experienced cleaning, expert tailoring and professional finishing found throughout Niagara. We take the time and make the effort to inspect your clothes for spots and stains and minor repairs to ensure every detail is checked so your clothes will look their best.

We take the time and effort to inspect your garments and recommend to you the best and most economical method to clean or repair your items. We stand behind all of our work and provide our customers with a no hassle return policy. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will gladly re-clean or repress your garment free of charge.

Come to Nick’s Cleaners and see for yourself what a difference 65 years of experience can make for your clothes. And for those who already know, THANK YOU!

Environmental Responsibility

Like you, Nick’s Dry Cleaners & Tailors cares about our environment and we are doing everything we can to be an environmentally responsible neighbour. Nick’s Dry Cleaners & Tailors processes and equipment exceed all government rules and regulations in regards to the handling and use of our cleaning solvent perchloroethylene. We operate with a closed loop refrigerated system that keeps almost all fumes from escaping into the atmosphere. Delivery of new solvent is done in a closed loop system and removal of unwanted waste is handled by a licensed carrier which is tightly controlled and recorded by government inspectors. Our staff has attended government sponsored training courses to learn how to properly handle any environmental issues and are certified to be dry cleaners.

Other cleaning methods do not clean as well as perc and all have their own environment pitfalls. Wet washing uses excessive amounts of fresh water and releases vast amounts of detergents and other cleaning chemicals into our sewer system. Petroleum and silicon solvents must also be carefully handled and their waste discharged properly so as not to harm the environment.

Like all environmental issues it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure every effort possible is taken to safeguard our communities. Enviromental issues cannot be used as marketing ploys or as ways to charge extra for a service. Environmental Responsibility must be a philosophy that starts at the top and is passed down to all the employees. These costs must not be treated like an extra tax; they should be incorporated into your total cost just like any other cost and added to your prices as a routine part of doing business.